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If it wasn’t for my Dad their wouldn’t be any SaxophoneJack in more ways than one.  My Dad grew up in Detroit, Michigan in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  He was the oldest son of a first generation Italian family of eight.  His mother and father (my grandparents) were hard working independent people and they demanded and expected the same from their children.  As a result, my father was skilled in nearly every trade imaginable.  As a young boy I watched him and helped (not always willingly, I might add) with projects that required skills in carpentry, brick laying, pouring concrete, roofing the house, repairing TVs and radios, and, of course, working on the car, which was a national pastime in Detroit in those days.  Another great love of my father’s was music.  He loved the Big Bands and he loved to dance and he was especially fond of the clarinet.  It wasn’t that he was particularly interested in becoming a musician himself, but, it seems, he was interested in promoting the art form.  When in high school, my Dad bought his younger brother his first clarinet and my uncle went on to become a very fine clarinetist.  My Dad repeated this feat with me and bought me my first clarinet when I was 7  and that is how SaxophoneJack came to be.  This website and whatever contribution I make to music as a teacher, or performer, or woodwind repairman is in large part due to my Father.  His gift to me of that first clarinet and, than later, my saxophone, and his discipline that required me to practice allowed me, to a large extent,  to achieve whatever success I have enjoyed.  My Father left us on August 8, 2011.  He was 91 years old.  He was not sick, but his physical body was, simply, no longer able to sustain life and his spirit had to leave it behind.  I miss him every day, as my entire family does, but I continue to attempt to live up to the positive standard that he set every day that he lived.   This page of the website is dedicated to him.

My Dad

Thanks For Everything, Dad.

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